1. All parents and staff of Churchill are members of CASC. Each parent and staff member has one vote.
  2. CASC will be the only parent-based decision-making body at Churchill with respect to matters involving the education of all children that are up to parental discretion.
  3. Decisions made at CASC meetings (by majority vote of those in attendance) will apply to all parents at Churchill. Decisions can be reviewed at subsequent CASC meetings by a motion from any parent or staff member.
  4. An executive will be made up of the Chair(s), the Secretary, the Treasurer, the principal, teacher representative(s), the committee chairs, and the representatives to the OCDSB committees.
  5. The executive will be elected for a one-year term in April of each year.
  6. CASC will call for nominations for the executive positions at its March meeting and in the newsletter. For the Chair position, nominations will be accepted from individuals and from those wishing to fill the position as a team. No seconders are needed and members can nominate themselves. Candidates will be announced in the agenda before the April meeting of CASC at which presentations will be made and voting will follow by secret ballot.
  7. Committee chairs will be named on a volunteer basis. Committees and/or task groups will be formed or disbanded as the need arises. All committees must provide a monthly written report either to the CASC itself or in the newsletter; committees can also give oral reports. All committees must present recommendations and/or proposed actions to CASC for final approval and cannot report to other bodies without this approval. All committees are open to all parents and staff. Each parent and staff member has one vote on the committee.
  8. Notification of CASC meetings will be via newsletter and the circulation of an agenda in the week before the meeting. When voting is to be held on issues affecting parents and students, the topic must be included in the agenda. Requests for funds, other than general operating funds handled at the discretion of the Treasurer and Chair(s), must also appear on the agenda.
  9. Persons can ask the Chair(s) to add items to the agenda for a CASC meeting. Each meeting will have a set length of time and all new business must be completed in this time. If the agenda is not completed in time, then a vote will be held to extend the meeting. If this vote carries, the meeting continues and decisions can be made. Otherwise, agenda items become Unfinished Business at the next meeting.
  10. Since topics for discussion and voting are announced in advance, the number of persons who attend the CASC meeting will constitute a quorum. Once the number of members in attendance falls below 50% + 1 of the numbers initially present, discussion can still take place but not voting.